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Total protection for the transport of your goods from a point of origin to a point of destination by any means of transport.

  • Cellar to cellar

    Cellar to cellar

    The coverage granted by this policy on the insured goods is extended to cover from the moment in which said goods leave the sender's home for transport, continues during the ordinary course of the trip, and ceases with the arrival of the goods at the domicile of the consignee.

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  • Contact with other charges

    Contact with other charges

    In MyD Services merchandise transport insurance. We cover the damages that most of the merchandise could suffer. Contact with other charges

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  • Contamination


     MyD Services

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  • Damage to goods due to decomposition of Termo King

    Damage to goods due to decomposition of Termo King

    Damage to goods due to decomposition of the Termo King (except lack of maintenance).

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  • Fiscal stay

    Fiscal stay

    This policy also covers all types of goods for up to 30 days in a temporary stay or storage in fiscal precincts and / or border warehouses.

    Likewise, it is covered in any place other than the final destination, when it is due to deviations in transportation.

    An extension may be requested for an additional 30 days, requesting it in writing 24hrs. (Business hours) before expiration.

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  • Load and / or unloading maneuvers

    Load and / or unloading maneuvers

    En el cargue y descargue de mercancía protegemos la carga para llevarla a su destino. 

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  • Popular strikes and riots

    Popular strikes and riots

    This insurance covers loss or damage to insured goods and / or goods caused by:

    Strikers or people who take part in strikes, riots of a workers' character, riots or popular uprisings or by ill-intentioned people during the performance of such acts or else, caused by the repression measures taken by the authorities.

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  • Rescue


    The claim must include the real value of those assets, less the value of the salvage if there is one. In total loss provided there is a total loss covered under this Insurance Contract. Subject to the particular conditions of each contracted coverage.

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  • Spill or shrink

    Spill or shrink

     MyD Services


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  • Stains


    MyD Services

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  • Strand


    In Comprehensive Coverage of All Risk.

    In case of loss or material damage caused to the property, directly by stranding, stranding, sinking, collision or contact of the carrier ship with any external object, this policy covers the goods and / or insured goods against losses and / or physical damages caused by any sudden and unforeseen cause suffered by them.

    Check the exceptions

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  • Sweeping or throwing

    Sweeping or throwing

    En Seguro de transporte de mercancías MyD Services. Cubrimos los daños que pudieran sufrir la mayoría de las mercancías tales como echazón o barredura.

    Echazón: cubre la pérdida cuando los bienes asegurados son arrojados al mar por "órdenes del Capitán de la embarcación". siempre y cuando quede asentado en el cuaderno de bitácora del buque como resultado de un acto de avería gruesa y en el caso de barredura, cubre la pérdida cuando los bienes estibados sobre cubierta sea barridos por las olas.

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  • Theft as a result of R.O.T.

    Theft as a result of R.O.T.

    En Seguro de transporte de mercancías MyD Services. Cubrimos los daños que pudieran sufrir la mayoría de las mercancías. tales como hurto a consecuencia de R.O.T. (Riesgos ordinarios de tránsito).

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  • War


    This insurance extends to cover loss or damage to goods and / or insured goods caused by:

    War, civil war, civil commotion, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or civil strife that comes from any of these circumstances or any hostile act by or against a belligerent power.

    Capture, sequestration, freezing, restriction or detention arising from the risks covered above, as well as their consequences or any attempt to do so. Mines, torpedoes, bombs or other abandoned war weapons.

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Additional Benefits Special grant in our insurance policy

Inherent expenses

- Additional protection for inherent expenses.
- They can be added to the amount for insuring all the expenses inherent to the export transport, as well as the customs expenses and taxes, (except VAT).
- A stay of up to 60 days is covered.


- With the lowest deductibles in the market, 3% in 99% of the coverages.

- Deductible of 10% in robbery and / or assault.

Insurance policy.

- Special concession to our insurance policy.
- Training to its operative and commercial personnel.
- Continued assistance in case of loss.
- Delivery of operations manual.