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Its objective is to reduce as much as possible the risk involved in moving goods at the national level and, in particular, regarding internal goods transits.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: la indemnización solo procederá cuando no se pueda presentar la mercancía en destino final y el transportista y agente aduanal solidario  de Tránsitos Internos tengan que pagar los impuestos arancelarios fijados por el  SAT en este tipo de transportes y servicios especializados:





  1. Actos con dolo o mala fe
  2. Actos delictivos
  3. Penalizaciones por demoras en la entrega de






Additional Benefits Special grant in our insurance policy

Inherent expenses

- Additional protection for inherent expenses.
- They can be added to the amount for insuring all the expenses inherent to the export transport, as well as the customs expenses and taxes, (except VAT).
- A stay of up to 60 days is covered.


- With the lowest deductibles in the market, 3% in 99% of the coverages.

- Deductible of 10% in robbery and / or assault.

Insurance policy.

- Special concession to our insurance policy.
- Training to its operative and commercial personnel.
- Continued assistance in case of loss.
- Delivery of operations manual.